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L is for Love (The Loud House): A Reaction.

L is for Love

Alright, this episode has been the most talked about thing in the Loud House fanbase in quite a while, hugely due to its ending. Of course, I will elaborate on that very noteworthy ending, but there’s also 11 other minutes of televised content to talk about first. 11 minutes of entertaining gags based on attempted love gestures, a (predictable but still functional) twist conclusion to who the love letters were for, and character interactions and focus for the Loud siblings. Not to mention some significant faults, as the episode, despite being the one of the more entertaining and enjoyable the show has given us in recent memory, is not perfect (naturally). All of those factors are just as worthy of elaboration and evaluation as the little scene where Luna’s crush is revealed. So, let’s discuss all of those different properties and reach a well-rounded conclusion of the overall quality of the story.

A brief first point worth making is how efficiently the interactions between all the Louds were handled. Considering the bulk of the episode’s running time actually consists of the siblings discussing the love letters in a room together, this is an important element to discuss. The Louds interacted really well here. It was really entertaining to watch them play off each other. One example of humour which was derived from their conversations was when the 2nd love letter revealed the intended recipient had brown hair, which then prompted Lola to re-enter the room with a brown wig, only for Lana to pull it off and fittingly give her a brief reality check, as she’s clearly blonde. It was also refreshing to see the Louds co-operate and support each other (of course, there were moments of minor harshness, such as when Lola grabs Luna by the shirt and aggressively tells her not to quit, but they were actually funny and not overly and unnecessarily mean, and technically, she was being supportive of Luna, just in a harsh way). Despite all having conflicting hopes and ambitions, as each of them logically wanted the love letter to be for them, they never started fighting or arguing over the situation. In fact, Lori, acting as a competent, fair and responsible leader of the group, actually encouraged each sibling to give their crushes signals. They were all on the same page and supportive of each other and never did the scenario devolve into petty conflicting or jealousy. It was a pleasant experience to see the Louds functioning as a family unit after the fandom has become so sick of them fighting all the time (of course, they are siblings, and they will do that, but it is refreshing to see they can get along and work together sometimes, too).

The premise enables a lot of humour to be created and implanted within the episode. For example, there are multiple scenes in which the Louds, while staying true to their core personality traits and habits, aim to provide signals to their respective crushes. For instance, Luan used a whoopee cushion (appealing to their mutually shared interest in comedy and the arts) to send a signal to her crush. Lynn flipped her lucky jockstrap into her boy’s face, with the result you expect. Lana fixed up her boy’s bike, which resulted in a rather dangerous downhill ride. Lisa even gave her crush an actual beating heart, seemingly not understanding that metaphors about beating hearts within love letters are better being left as exactly that; metaphors. Meanwhile, poor Lincoln finds himself being the butt monkey again, trying to attract the attention of a gamer chick in the arcade, only for her to accidentally knock him back. Still, that was just a minor moment of misfortune via slapstick for our main protagonist and nothing to get overly livid about. There were some other standalone moments of decent entertainment, as well. A moment I found rather intriguing, as well as comical, was how Luan was talking to herself, trying to suppress and control her own destructive pranking tendencies, given her intention was to appeal to her crush. She told herself to stop it as she was trying to find love, but even then, she couldn’t help but make her crush pursue her love letter by using a fishing rod to make him chase after it.

There are, of course, problems with the story, as well as some elements of controversy, which is only natural given the plot and its potential ramifications over the progression of the entire show. Firstly, because the plot involves almost all the siblings talking about and trying to make progress with their different crushes, there simply isn’t enough time in this 11-minute-long story for any of them to be given a proper level of focus or development. How many of the names of these crushes do you even remember (be honest!)? You can’t introduce, explore and develop 10 or so different relationships between an expansive main cast and multiple debuting characters, and do a competent job, within the confines of such a short and restrictive time period. As a result, there were multiple pairings introduced in this story, but none of them have any substance behind them. All of the love interests included in the episode had absolutely no personality other than what was blatantly obvious from their appearance (basically, they’re all exactly the same as the Loud siblings who have crushes on them). These new characters were not memorable or interesting because of this. I can only assume the writers didn’t intend to begin any serious relationships in this episode (which only further implies none of these new characters will ever appear again, just like the dates in Dance, Dance Resolution minus 2 cameos for Haiku and Polly), and instead only featured them as plot devices and nothing more. This does, of course, prevent us as an audience from caring that much about how the narrative will conclude, given the lack of investment we are bound to have for all of these underdeveloped romances. 

But now that we’ve discussed all of those aspects, let’s move onto the really big news to come out of this episode, the ending. You all know exactly what I’m talking about. Luna was constantly referring to a crush she had and their name was Sam. The flashback scenes shown when Luna was elaborating on her relationship with them had her with 2 individuals. A male rocker who we were supposed to assume was Sam on a 1st viewing, with another girl hanging with him every time we saw him. However, this was a rather clever trick to mislead the viewers as the surprise comes when Sam was in fact revealed to be that girl hanging with him. It wasn’t the male, but the blonde-haired girl she had a crush on all along. Many people have lost their minds over this final segment within the episode. It has been the topic of discussion this past week, on Deviant Art, Tumblr, the Wiki, and basically all the corners of the online fandom. It’s been such a point of discussion primarily due to the fact that it means the show now features a bisexual (or lesbian, though the events of Study Muffin would suggest otherwise) character, and a main character at that. Combine that with the inclusion of the interracial homosexual couple in the show, and the fact that the show is not making a huge deal out of it, but is rather just portraying it in a completely downplayed sense so that it avoids coming across as abnormal, and many fans are expressing their sense of admiration for the series, its writers and the sense of progression it is conveying through all of this. I will admit, I didn’t see the ending coming, and though I fear this Luna/Sam pairing (and the others in this episode, for that matter) will probably never even be brought up again, let alone efficiently expanded upon, it was still a great and memorable little moment of adorableness nonetheless. Of course, we as an audience never bared witness to Sam’s reaction to Luna’s love letter besides a quick smile. How do we know Luna even put her name or identity within the written content of the message, or that Sam actually returns the affection and has an interest in women? This could very much be a one-sided crush. For all the questions we want answered and implications we would desire to be explored, it is likely none of this will ever be even mentioned again, which is a shame. Luna/Sam could be an interesting storyline down the line.

You know what else? Because of the Luna and Sam stuff, everybody’s been too focused on that to even notice some other occurrences within the episode that, had they have been in any other episode than this one, would have been appreciated far more and more talked about. For example, this story provides with a little bit of insight into the origins and development of the parent’s relationship. We even got to bear witness to a flashback where Lynn Sr and Rita first met and then fell in love. That was a pretty cool moment, and one which, in any other story, would have been the big focal point the fan-base decided to discuss over the following days. But because it was included in the same episode as something which was viewed as even more noteworthy, it was overshadowed. Also, most of the Louds now have love interests (although in Lincoln and Lucy’s cases, they already had love interests). Not only Luna, but also Luan, Lana, Lola, Lynn, Leni and Lisa. Granted, none of these relationships had any time to develop, AT ALL. Plus, if stories like Back in Black are any indication, we won’t ever see any of these characters again (possibly not even Sam, sorry guys). But even still, none of the other relationships have received much focus from the fans (Lynn and Francisco have received a little, but not much) and there is probably a correlation between that and the fact that these relationships lacked screen time and substance. Isn’t it strange how the fandom is more obsessed with a pairing which doesn’t even exist and has no romantic substance (Luan and Maggie, of course, is what I am referring to, as she hasn’t even appeared since Funny Business and the 2 characters only ever met each other that one time; much less communicated or spent time together, or ANYTHING) than several pairings which were actually based on romantic scenarios and were intended to imply intimate relationships (even if none of them were properly focused on)? Oh, and on that subject, doesn’t this episode destroy so many ‘Loudcest’ headcannons by giving each sibling a romantic interest at once? I’m sure many fans had their hopes and dreams crushed when watching this. Actually, come to think of it, LunaxSam is just one of many extremely noteworthy events which happened in this episode.

Overall, L is for Love is a notably flawed yet still immensely comedic, entertaining and even slightly heart-warming episode which blew the minds of many fans over the internet. It has been the most talked about topic of the past week among the Loud House fan-base. But it’s worth stating that the story also has much more to offer than just the one moment that everyone has been praising it for, as much as I liked that moment. It’s not necessarily one of the strongest episodes in the series, but it is entertaining and worth viewership.

Final Rating: 7/10. 

Potty Mouth (The Loud House): A Reaction.

Potty Mouth

I enjoyed this episode enough, though I thought the 2nd half was a little better than the 1st. This isn’t the 1st time a Loud family member has used bad language. In one of the earliest episodes of the show, both Lincoln and Lori swore (of course, they were unheard because hearing the words would be inappropriate and implied curse words are already pushing it). Now, there is an entire plot centred around the problem of Lily using bad language. Of course, the occurrence of a kids show having a narrative focusing on the use of curse words is not as daring or rare as you might think. Other kids shows have also contained episodes where main characters have used bad language, and the aim was to teach the audience about not using it. Even shows for really young children and toddlers such as Baby Looney Tunes have featured episodes like this. But here, the writers dodge a bullet by cheapening the premise. What I mean by this is the episode and its characters exaggerate the excessiveness of the use of the word Lily keeps repeating. The word Lily keeps using is Dannit. That’s it. The horror and concern the siblings have when they hear Lily use this word is incredibly forced, I must admit, as Dannit really is not that foul a word. Still, the entertainment does not, and should not, come from the use of foul language, or even censored foul language (which happens at the very end of the episode, as Lily speaks a worse word, and that is met with a shocked gasp from the rest of the family), but from the reaction of the others and their actions taken to take care of the situation.

After it turns out Lily is merely copying everyone else, since there is a montage of scenes in which each sibling uses the word Dannit in response to an unfortunate scenario, the kids all work together to be a more positive influence on Lily. I really admire this approach to tackling the story. This episode shows that despite their chaotic nature, violent tendencies and mean-spirited moments, the Louds are, at the end of the day, good natured people. They all make the effort to teach Lily not to use curse words, and are even willing to put themselves through unfortunate situations to do so. For example, Lana willingly hurts her hand with her tool in order to provide herself with an opportunity to show Lily that she can react to an undesirable occurrence without swearing. The same goes for Lola crashing her car into a tree on purpose, Luna damaging the strings on her guitar (which she cherishes highly), and Lynn getting hit on the head with a ball. This episode provides a really great portrait, figuratively speaking, of the Louds.

While the 1st half was serviceable, the 2nd half sees a few improvements. The episode becomes a little more interesting once Dr Shuttleworth arrives, and the siblings make the effort to hide Lily’s foul language from her as if Lily fails the interview, she will be unable to attend the academy Rita and Lynn Sr wanted. The siblings make various efforts to prevent Lily from experiencing something which causes her to curse, with amusing if awkward results. The most significant and memorable of these attempts being the Louds ejecting Lily from the situation entirely and replacing her with Lisa, who apparently looks more similar to Lily than we all expected. As shocking as the reveals were, Lisa being put in Lily’s place did result in some sound comedy. As it turns out, lab experiments gone wrong have resulted in Lisa being hairless and toothless, with her wearing a wig and using false teeth. Wow, Lisa should really get out more and stop spending so much time in her lab/room, as it’s doing her some serious harm. Anyway, Lisa acting as Lily was pretty humorous, such as how she blatantly acted in an unfitting manner in relation to how Lily should be, and how the other kids were responding to this poor attempt at impersonating a baby/toddler.

There’s plenty of humour to be found throughout. From the aforementioned scenes of Lisa pretending to be Lily, to the scenes where the Louds were cursing after something unfortunate happened to them. There were a fair number of physical gags inserted in the 1st half of the episode, such as Lori and Leni fighting over a dress causing it to rip and both of them to fall over on opposite sides of the room (take that, BITF), Lola intentionally crashing her car into a tree to show Lily how to resist using curse words, then accidentally releasing the air bag in her own face after Lana tells her she will need to do it again since Lily didn’t witness it the 1st time. Also, when Lynn got her ball stuck up in the tree and then she physically shook it with her hands (damn, that girl is strong) and it moved like a giant piece of flexible rubber, which then resulted in her being hit in the head with multiple balls belonging to different sports.

So, that’s the episode. It’s reasonably entertaining and enjoyable with some decent jokes sprinkled throughout. It’s nothing special, some aspects of the narrative felt forced and the ending gag of her actually using a worse curse word was a little predictable. Also, Dr Shuttleworth understanding Lily’s use of the word Dannit for Donut (or misunderstanding it, perhaps?) was a little forced, as the donut was in her handbag, so how would Lily have known there was a donut in there without X-ray vision? Also, speaking of minor nonsensical elements, when Lisa was impersonating Lily, shouldn’t the Dr have noticed Lily’s little bit of hair was missing? She’s not very observant, is she? Still, these are mainly just nit-picks which do not detract from the quality of the episode on any significant basis.

Final Rating: 6.5/10. 

Fool's Paradise (The Loud House): A Reaction.

Fool’s Paradise

This was a pretty fun episode. Acting as a sequel to April Fools Rules, this episode presents the return of Luan’s psychotic pranking streak. The premise sounds like it’s stolen right out of a classic horror movie, with the Louds staying overnight at a motel in the middle of nowhere. At that point, they all succumb to various traps within the building and the surprises which await them in all the different rooms as they are victimised, one by one. Of course, since this is a light-hearted children’s show, the traps are pranks and the villain/monster of the story is merely a little teenage girl who likes to have fun (and probably takes it a little too far at times, especially on April Fools Day). While it is merely a very generic narrative with a light hearted and comedic twist placed on it, the sound execution was enough to make up for the cliché-filled concept.

To begin, I will go through the list of problems I have with the episode before moving on to the positive qualities of note. Firstly, I have to ask this question. When are the parents going to do something about Luan? Seriously, some of her pranks are clearly dangerous and could even potentially kill or permanently injure one of the family members or more. Granted, this is a children’s show with a sometimes wacky sense of humour and, with that, fictional character who can endure immense measures of pain and damage without suffering any serious injuries (after all, if the Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry presented pain and harm in a more realistic and serious way, the entire characters casts would have been ‘killed off for real’ quite quickly), but even still. The fact that nobody in the family, from the parents themselves, or the eldest sisters, Lori and Leni, are doing anything to counter Luan’s aggressive pranking sprees despite the potential harm they can inflict upon any given victim is actually worrying and disturbing. Lynn Sr and Rita ought to discipline their children more, as sometimes they are able to avoid punishment for blatantly problematic, and often downright vile and violent behaviour, because the parents seem to aim to avoid the responsibility of enforcing their kids to behave more sensibly and less destructively. Their refusal to handle this annual problem with Luan is perhaps one of the most significant examples of this. This is a meta problem interconnected with the episode which contains negative reflections and ramifications for the show in general, as many have argued the parents need to be more proactive in dealing with the troublesome behaviour of their children. Episodes like Brawl in the Family (where the parents did nothing about the ridiculous DEFCON 5 protocol and instead chose to follow its guidelines and stay out of the children’s way) are prime examples of this recurring problem in the show. Additionally, and this is more of a nit-pick, but did a year really pass between April Fools Rules and this story? It seems a little early for another April Fools episode. I guess this show operates in a similar ‘logic’ to The Simpsons. In that show, there are countless Christmas and Treehouse of Horror stories, yet the characters always remain the same age no matter how many years and annual celebrations have seemingly passed.

Okay, let’s elaborate on some of the best aspects of the episode. This story is filled with a lot of legitimately amusing as well as creative gags, courtesy of Luan’s various pranks set throughout the motel. For instance, Luna ends up being sucked into a giant gelatine structure, which is a call back to the original April Fool Rules episode, where a flashback shown Luan pulling that prank off in the house before. Or how about the prank Luan set off against Lucy, by having the dark goth dressed in black to be covered in bright, white bleach? Talk about knowing what gets under someone’s skin. Luan is deliciously evil in this episode (well, maybe evil is a bit of a stretch, as she’s just trying to have fun, but nevertheless, she has rather troublesome and arguably sadistic intentions, and her pranks do seem to have some potential for causing serious harm). Her voice actor did a terrific job with the character and while Luan’s ‘April Fools’ persona or mode is a base breaker, you can’t deny she makes a truly effective antagonist when she takes on said role. She even manages to pull off the misleading disguise move quite well, as it is not a paper thin disguise, which is the case whenever this is done in so many comedic series (See the TVTropes trope ‘Paper-Thin Disguise’) Then there’s her rather intimidating threat to the family at the end of the episode, which causes them all to run away in fear (though again, at least the parents should be standing up to her and finding a way to get her in line and resolve this blatant problem with her terrorising them every year). While controversial, I still at least found her antagonistic performance in this episode to be enjoyable to watch and highly memorable.

As far as other factors go, one aspect of the story I liked was how the Louds co-operated in order to resist Luan’s pranking attempts and escape the motel without being victimised. It is refreshing when the show and its writing is able to remind us that behind all the conflcits and troubles, this is a family unit and they will all stand together against any threat; even one from within their own sibling group. Speaking of co-operation, Lynn Jr had one of her strongest appearances of season 2 yet. I know that isn’t saying much as far as most people are concerned, but she really did have some solid moments in this story. She was the one to attempt to help Luna when she was caught in Luan’s trap by lifting her to safety with her quads. Then later, she takes hold of Lily and attempts to take her to safety. While her attempts fail, she does show she actually cares about her family in this episode and behind all her rough attitude, she is a good-hearted person. Now that just needs to be shown more often and especially in regard to her relationship with Lincoln. Additionally, I’m sure some of her detractors were at least a little satisfied when she was attacked by a monkey. The older Lynn also has his moments here. It is revealed (spoiler alert!) that he was involved with Luan’s pranking spree and the motel setup was something he worked alongside her on. Of course, he then decides to redeem himself (somewhat) by teaming up with Lincoln to revenge prank Luan. Speaking of which, those who dislike the fact that Lincoln often suffers a lot in the show and are of the view that his sisters mistreat may be satisfied with the outcome of this narrative. While all the sisters fall victim to various pranks and traps, Lincoln is actually spared, along with Dad. I’m sure some people will appreciate that little detail in the story, given how so many fans are (over) sensitive to how much Lincoln suffers misfortune in so many stories.

Overall, while it has a few problems, I found the entertainment value, creativity and enjoyability of the episode to be high enough for me to be satisfied with its overall quality. In spite of its faults, Fool’s Paradise is still a fun little story and a well-executed, if inevitably controversial, return of psychotic Luan.

Final Rating: 7/10. 


Synopsis: Lincoln grows tired of his sister's roughhousing and decides to challenge her to a game of football. He and his friends seem hopelessly outclassed by Lynn's all-star team, but he is determined to pull off an upset victory and teach his big sister a lesson. Lincoln aims to knock his sister off her pedestal, but can he do it?

Click here to read the whole story:…;

Part 1: Enough is enough!

It was a typical morning for the Loud House. Lincoln was lying in bed, still asleep during the early hours. Then suddenly, the door bust open…

Lynn: "Lincoln! Wake up! You're gonna help me train for football today!"

Her voice was loud enough to cause Lincoln to spring himself out of bed and land himself on the floor. She then left the room, knowing she successfully woke him up. Lincoln was startled, though not completely surprised by all of this. He was quite used to Lynn barging in and demanding things from him. He was starting to get sick and tired of it, but restrained himself, thinking that even if he protested, she would just force him to do what she wanted anyway.

Lincoln then turned and looked at the audience…

Lincoln: "Yep, this is another typical day at the Loud House. I'm about to become Lynn's personal punching bag. It's always like this. Every single day, Lynn always asks me to be her sports buddy for one of her games. Some days its baseball, others its basketball. And I almost always end up doing it, and it hurts!"

At that point, Lincoln recalled a number of times when he was playing sports with his sister. He remembered multiple instances of painful experiences…

Flashback montage:

* The first flashback is a quick scene of Lynn throwing a baseball at Lincoln. He catches it, but it knocks him flying off his feet.

* The second flashback is soccer. Lincoln is running with the ball when Lynn tackles him, but not in the conventional sense. Instead, she performs a flying kick to his head and knocks him, along with the ball, into the goal before shouting "GOAL!"

* The third flashback is roller skating. An area had been set up in the back yard, and Lincoln was calmly and smoothly moving around. Then Lynn, and her friend, Polly Pain, who was there with her at the time, then both bashed into Lincoln from different sides and knocked him down. Lincoln then let out a grunt of pain.

Lincoln: "And it's not just when she asks me to play sports with her. It's all the time!"

Lincoln then remembered a bunch of other times when he was victimised by his big sister. These include scenes from previous episodes in the show…

More quick flashbacks:

* Lincoln recalls when Lynn gave him a dutch oven in Space Invader.

* Lincoln recollects when she belched in his face in Kick the Bucket List.

* Lincoln also remembers when she was play-wrestling with him in his room.

Lincoln: "I swear, sometimes it seems like she exists just to torment me. It's as if I'm her personal punching bag. I used to think she loved me roughly, but now the more I think about it, it's as if she just loves to hurt me!"

His talking to the audience is then interrupted…

Lynn: "Lincoln! Get your butt down here now! My football skills aren't gonna improve themselves!"

Lincoln: "Okay, let's just get this over with."

Lincoln then reluctantly went downstairs, knowing he would have to go and do what he had to do eventually. He knew Lynn would keep pressuring and pestering him until she got what she wanted. She wasn't even above using violent threats to do so. He was slightly worried about going outside, knowing he would likely be in for a lot of pain and punishment. But his worries were tamed by the simple fact that he was so used to it by now. Pretty much every day, this routine would take place. Lincoln would be instructed, often against his own will, by his sporty sister to engage in physical activities for her benefit, and sometimes, amusement.

Lincoln: "Okay Lynn, here I am!"

Lincoln then met Lynn outside. She looked ready to play, and a lot more enthusiastic about the morning ahead of them than he was…

Lynn: "Good. I was wondering what was keeping you."

Lincoln: "So, what are we going to do first?" he asked reluctantly, knowing whatever his sister selected them to do, he would likely be unable to keep up with her given his relative inefficiency at sports.

Lynn: "Okay, Lincoln. I'll throw the ball to you, and you catch it."

He then ran over to the other side of the yard, and got ready to receive the ball. He was rather nervous, expecting his sister to throw the ball with her greatest strength. He tensed up, ready to take the blow he was about to receive. He was just hoping she wouldn't be too rough with him for once, but knew that was a long shot.

Lynn: "Here it comes, bro!"

Lincoln: "Okay, but not too har…"

Before he could finish his sentence, the ball came colliding into Lincoln like a bullet. Lincoln caught the ball, but it was thrown with such force that it knocked him back several feet, and he ended up on the ground.

Lynn: "Hey, cool. You caught it!" she complemented.

Despite the positive comment from his sister, which was a rarity coming from her, Lincoln was not pleased with what just happened. She blatantly ignored his request to work at a pace he could keep up with. He decided to retaliate...

Lincoln: "I said not too hard!"

Lynn: "Gee, what are you? A wuss? Come on, I was only going light because I know your just a beginner! You gotta step up your game, Lincoln!"

Lincoln was beginning to find Lynn's attitude vexatious; it's not enough that she's practically forcing him to be her sports buddy near enough every day, but in addition to that, she's insulting and belittling him for his lack of ability, as well.

Lincoln then turned his head back to the audience…

"You'd think she'd be a little more grateful that I'm giving up my time freely to help her, but of course not!"

The scene then cut to later on in the morning, where the siblings had moved onto tackling. While his sister looked as fresh and energetic as ever, Lincoln was clearly beginning to get tired. He was dirty, groggy and exhausted from all the training. And they were just about to start the most intense part of it.

Lynn: "Okay bro, you got the ball, and I'm gonna take it from ya!"

Lincoln: "Oh no!" he simply responded as a sense of consternation kicked in.

Lincoln panicked in fear as his sister, with a devilish grin on her face, charged towards him in an attempt to take him down and grab the ball. He began to run away from her as if she were a werewolf chasing him in the forest. Lincoln ran all around the yard, trying to avoid Lynn, who was constantly right behind him. She managed to grab him and take him to the ground, and did so with roughness and force.

Lynn: "Touchdown! Lynn Loud! Rarrr!"

Lincoln had enough for one morning, and hoped now that Lynn got her satisfaction out of training with him, he could go back inside and actually enjoy the rest of his day…

Lincoln: "Yes, fine. You win, whatever. Can I go back inside now?"

Lynn nodded, indicating she was done with him. Lincoln sighed in relief and slowly carried himself away from the scene. But as he thought it was all over and started to relax inside, his sister decided a little more 'rough love' was needed…

Lynn: "Alright, but first, one more thing."

Lincoln then became concerned and slightly worried about what Lynn was talking about. He cautiously turned around and asked what she wanted…

Lincoln: "What?"

Lynn had picked up a hand full of mud, and threw it straight in Lincoln's face.

Lincoln was knocked over by the mud and fell flat on his back. That was the last straw for him. He had become sick to death of all this roughhousing. He was always being used for her sporting activities, and on top of that, she was using him as a prop for physical gags as well. He was already reaching his boiling point, but that little moment pushed him too far. He started to become intensely angry while Lynn laughed at his expense…

Lincoln: "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?" he shouted.

Lynn: "Just having a little fun, bro." she responded with a cheerful and carefree mood.

Lincoln couldn't believe his sister sometimes. He was befuddled with how she could honestly believe her treatment towards him was innocent, rough love. It's one thing to play and prank on your sibling from time to time, but it seemed she just took pleasure out of inflicting pain and punishment on him on a highly frequent basis. While she probably saw her treatment as harmless fun, it was beginning to exasperate the boy. He finally decided to confront her behaviour directly…

Lincoln: "Well, do you mind having fun in a less abrasive way?!"

Lynn: "What are you talking about?"

Lincoln: "Honestly, it gets on my nerves! All the mud throwing, the balls to the face, the loud belches to the face, the dutch ovens, stealing my jeans and my sandwiches, smashing my school projects, the rough-housing. It's all you ever do to me. It's like you use me as a punching bag!"

Lynn: "Geez, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?"

Lincoln was becoming agitated. It was as if Lynn couldn't care less about the fact that she was being a bully to him, or she wasn't taking his complaints seriously and, as always, was oblivious to the defects of her own behaviour.

Lincoln: "You don't see it, do you? You treat me just like the dirt you throw in my face! You take advantage of the fact that you're stronger than I am and use me to play pranks on and treat roughly. You even convinced the whole family to kick me out of the house one time just because you believed I was a jinx!"

Lynn: "Woah, where is all this coming from?!"

Lincoln, after hearing that, was insulted by the fact that she asked such a question, becoming significantly aggravated by his sister's ignorance. He then decided to finally let off some steam…

Lincoln: "Oh, this isn't sudden! I've been meaning to say this for a long time! You're a jerk to me, Lynn Loud! And I've had enough of it! All you care about is sports and winning at everything, but let me tell you something. Sometimes I look at you and I just see a loser!"

For a sports fanatic like Lynn, who cared so much about winning every game she played, those words hurt. Lincoln was so annoyed with his sister's antics that he wanted to confront his sister about her attitude, but now he went and took it a step further. Now he had gone and provoked and angered his tough sister…

Lynn: "Oh, is that so? Well, isn't this little runt right here feeling brave today? You're just complaining because you're a wuss who can't handle sports!"

The conversation was starting to become a lot more heated, and both siblings had enough of the other's complaints against them at that moment. Lincoln knew he had to watch what he said, because if the argument devolved into a straight-up fistfight, he wouldn't stand a chance. He needed to find some other way in which he could challenge his sister without the situation leading to that. It was at that point, Lincoln had an idea pop up in his head…

Lincoln: "You know what, you need knocking off that pedestal you like to put yourself on, so let me tell you what. A football match, at the park, me and you. You get a team, and I'll get a team, and we'll see who wins!"

Lincoln knew that was a challenge he was likely to lose, but he couldn't help it. He was so sick of Lynn's antics that he just wanted to knock her down a peg anyway he could. He figured beating her at a sport, the very thing she is obsessed with, would be a brilliant way of teaching her a lesson, and so he just said that off the spot, without thinking it through. He somewhat regretted what he just said inside his mind, but he was so full of rage and mixed emotions at that moment that he just didn't care. He wanted to beat his sister at her own game. He didn't know how he would do it, but he knew one thing for sure. He needed to win this challenge.

Lynn: "What? Seriously?" she asked in confusion.

Following this, she immediately burst out laughing. She knew that was a contest in which she had every advantage in. She was the better player of the two, and she knew pretty much every sports player in a 200-mile radius.

Lynn: "Ha ha ha ha ha! Seriously? You want to challenge me to a game of football? I'm a much better sports player than you, and I have a bunch of sports friends I can get on my team. Who are you gonna get to get on your team? Lily?!"

Lincoln already knew he just put himself into a situation he was unlikely to win, but he didn't care. He couldn't back out now. He just had to push through and force himself to stick to this proposal. He just had enough of Lynn, and wanted to find a way to show her up. He powered on through with his daring proposal…

Lincoln: "Look, your team against mine. Private match. At the park. In 7 days. Are you game, or not?"

Lynn then stood closer to her brother and stared with intensity. But that serious look soon transformed into a condescending smirk…

Lynn: "Do you even know me at all? Of course I'm game! I'll see you at the park, chump. Oh, and make sure you bring some decent teammates. You're gonna need some! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

As his older sister walked off laughing, yet again condescending him, acting as if she was above him, he realised 2 things. One, that was a stupid idea, but one he had to go through with now. And two, he needed to form a team, and fast.


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Cliff: Kitty, since he is a cat. 
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